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Why gin is ideal for small, handmade batches

You’ve probably noticed that craft breweries and distilleries are an emerging trend in the world of social drinking – and social media. Gin’s reputation as a fresh and reviving drink is enjoying a renewed time in the spotlight – and you’ve probably wondered why.

Small but perfectly formed

Well, as alcoholic beverages go, gin is one of the cleanest and quickest to make in small batches. Unlike whiskey and wine, it doesn’t have to sit for years, ageing in ancient wooden barrels; and unlike beer, it’s not smelly or messy. You can work in a small area without the need for shedloads of space – just a clean and reliable still. The process is a compact turnaround for each batch as the distilled brew only needs to sit for a short time before it’s ready to drink. Neat! The actual distilling process is not quite simple – there’s a loving mix of science and art – but you get the idea!

Gin ingredients

Another advantage is that gin’s base ingredients are reasonably easy to source here in Australia. Drunk Monk distillery uses locally sourced produce to create the finest fermentation possible and From there it’s the distillation that can take years to perfect. The process involves multiple distillations to strip, cut and flavour our Gin with the perfect balance of botanicals , including juniper berries which are key to giving gin its distinctive traditional tone, before resting for two to three weeks and finally being diluted with the purest of natural spring water sourced from Western Australia to get the percentage of alcohol just right.

Loving your locals

After the past few years, many people want to support local suppliers and discover unique homegrown brews to call their own. They are also keen to get together with friends and really enjoy their social time together. They are rediscovering classic cocktails and adding a sense of ‘event’ to their get-togethers. Drunk Monk Signature Gin is the perfect party partner!


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